San Massimo, named after the district to the west of the city of Verona, is an urban transformation project of an area that is about 5 km from the center and is in a strategic position with respect to the city’s infrastructural system near the European-level hub Corridor I identified by the European Union.

The development aims to generate a “planned community” in the area, in which there will be a residential sector integrated with common and personal services, and a sector characterized by the simultaneous presence of buildings for entertainment, commercial spaces and tourist accommodation spaces.

The goal is to replicate in the new district many of the functions and destinations that are already present in the city center, with the benefit of inserting these new destinations in new eco-sustainable buildings and within an innovative public park: the green areas. , private and public, will be the “heart” of the project, equipped with innovative and eco-sustainable supplies.

The park will guarantee the well-being of both the people who will live in the neighborhood and the people who will be lucky enough to spend their free time. The new district will be highly technological, eco-sustainable, protected and well connected to the city through the network of pedestrian and cycle-pedestrian paths.

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