EcoDistrict is a real estate development project located in Milan, promoted by Palladium Italia Srl and Mazzalveri & Comelli Spa, the two Italian developers, co-owners and sponsors of this project.
EcoDistrict offers investors a unique opportunity to enter a multifunctional project located in one of the key areas of Milan, heavily infrastructured with motorway connections to Turin and Venice, those of Linate and Malpensa, the urban transport network, the railway station at high speed and the MIND Area, home to a conversion project to host a new “city of science”.

The neighborhood that is transforming
Mainly residential, with its own equilibrium and capable of generating a sense of belonging in those who live there. It is included in the “Neighborhood Plan”, an extensive redevelopment process that will concern both private and public spaces, envisaged in the Milan 2030 PGT and implemented by the Milan Administration. There will be some development projects undertaken by private operators that will contribute to its transformation. It will see the implementation of the PR2 Recovery Plan, already approved by the Administration of the Municipality of Milan, which will modify both private and public spaces.

Located in the Gallaratese district, a few steps from the Monte Stella Park and the historic Bonola shopping center where the municipal services detachment is located and the headquarters of Municipio 8, near the new Mind district and near the San Siro area and the iconic City Life neighborhood.

The public park, with space for leisure and pet friendly, equipped with smart supplies and equipment, together with the gardens of private buildings, will be the green engine of the initiative for the well-being of the people who will reside in the neighborhood.

The existing nursery school will be replaced by a new, more modern one, built in compliance with the best welfare requirements, and will be an important point of reference for families. The reduction of the road capacity of the current Via de Gasperi will allow the creation of a linear green park with a pedestrian and cycle path directly connected to the city cycle and pedestrian network.

Private sector project:
– Building availability (SL) of 31,714 square meters on a total of 38,088 square meters of land area
– Possibility to build housing for the free market up to a maximum of 29,177 square meters (SL)
– Obligation to allocate 2,537 square meters (SL) to the subsidized residence
– Part of the SL for the free market – up to a maximum of 10,000 square meters – may have a tourist-accommodation destination
– 25% of the overall SL can be allocated to private and commercial neighborhood services
– 10% of the Overall SL – counted within the previous 25% limit – may be destined for the tertiary sector
– Completed environmental screening and absence of widespread contamination

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Eco friendly
Pet friendly
High impattotecnologico