Quartiere Giardino-Smart District is situated in the south-west area of Milan, in Cesano Boscone. It’s divided in 4 different residential areas, called “Boschi” for a total amount of 26 buildings. These 9-storey buildings are surrounded with amazing green areas and each building is provided with underground car parks. The housing complex consists of 1.500 apartments for a total of about 5.000 inhabitants, and it is directly connected with the underground line with an efficient bus-transport system. It is served by a district heating network controlled by the Prometheus cogeneration plant, powered by woody biomass from the region.


Quartiere Giardino-Smart District: a pilot project
Enhancing urban areas by making them smart is an operation that can be considered the engine for improving the quality of life of inhabitants. The intervention in Brownfield is underway at Quartiere Giardino-Living Smart, an existing area that is being transformed into a smart urban ecosystem.

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What does it mean to design and live in a smart neighborhood?
Cities now house 50% of the world population and produce 80% of the pollution of the planet. They need to be redesigned in a radically new, smart way if we want to guarantee future generations to continue living on a possible planet. An existing neighborhood can be redesigned in an intelligent way, intervening on a series of technological innovations – coordinated and integrated with each other – that act simultaneously on the introduction of new models of energy consumption, sustainable mobility solutions, new ways to access information, social inclusion and cohesion practices generated and managed through the wi-fi network. Among the advantages: consume less, pollute less and guarantee better participation and quality of life.

No neighborhood can be said to be intelligent if it does not combine the technological aspect with the social one


The Smart solutions of the new Garden District

Community always connected!
The App Planet Idea is an application designed specifically for the Quartiere Giardino – vivere smart district that will encourage new ways to access information. Each user can customize their own profile, be updated on the latest events and activities in the neighborhood, notify family members or friends in case of emergency, check the weather conditions and air quality. Download for free from Android Play Store – Download for free from IOS Apple Store

Internet for everyone. For you too
Free WiFi areas within the district provides free access to the Internet, allowing full freedom of connection between people.

By playing you learn
The project of fun theory indicates and suggests how to properly do the separate waste collection through the placement of horizontal and vertical infographics, with educational and educational purposes in the existing ecological islands.

More irrigation with less water!
The control unit connected to the sensors and weather forecasts detects rainfall, temperature and soil humidity, intervening only when necessary. Thanks to the drip irrigation technology, you can save up to 60% of the water resource.

Produce fertilizer from waste.
Thanks to a composting system of 1 m3 of capacity, half a tonne of organic waste is eliminated per year and the equivalent of three tons of carbon dioxide is reduced. The product obtained can be used as a fertilizer for the gardens, without the need to resort to polluting chemicals, with consequent environmental and economic advantages.

Shared gardens. Grow nature in the city!
They allow you to positively invest your free time and enter into a relationship with the people who live in the neighborhood, encouraging the exchange of knowledge, responding to the desire to know what you eat. With the gardens you learn and appreciate the seasonality of products, the diffusion of sustainable cultivation methods, the importance of combating food waste and generating virtuous circuits of solidarity economy.

Illuminate better. You save!
The introduction of the intelligent LED lighting system guarantees multiple advantages, enhancing the livability of the neighborhood. LED technology consumes much less energy than traditional lamps and is able to guarantee a further energy saving by automatically starting when the sun goes down and turning off at the first light of dawn.

Do not buy, share and save!
How many times in your life each of us has used a drill, a roller to paint the walls of the house or a ladder?
A few times, and yet these objects have a considerable cost and size. So why not share these tools through a real Library of Objects located within the District and available to the inhabitants?

Neighborhood gym. Train under the house!
In the green areas of the neighborhood you can use exercise equipment that transform the kinetic energy into electrical energy, which can be used to recharge electronic devices such as the smartphone. You can practice healthy outdoor aerobic activities for free, throughout the day, without having to face the cost of the monthly fee of the gym creating new opportunities for socializing in the neighborhood.

Put your book in circulation!
Bookcrossing is an initiative for free distribution and exchange of books activated by the community. An intelligent solution at no cost that binds the passion for reading and books to the passion for sharing resources and knowledge. The basic idea is to leave books in the dedicated area so that they can be shared and then read by others.


Palladium Group is an international leader in the real estate sector. The Group operates in all areas, from urban planning and architectural design, project development up to the management and maintenance of buildings.

Planet Idea is the first Competence Center which transforms large real estate projects in smart projects. He gained his know-how thanks to the creation of the first Smart City in social housing in the world, under construction in São Gonçalo do Amarante in Brazil. Palladium Group has chosen Planet Idea as a competence center for the ‘smart’ development of Quartiere Giardino.

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