Executive team

Michele TedoneMichele Tedone

Chief Financial Officer



Michele Tedone manages the administrative and financial sectors of the Palladium Group in Italy. In addition, he acts as coordinator for the other functions of the Group in Italy, including sales and marketing, property management, technical and human relations.
His previous experience includes the following positions:

  • Administrative and Financial Director, Micoperi SpA ( oil industry)
  • Administrative and Financial Manager, Panasonic Italia
  • Assistant to the Administrative and Financial Director, Giuseppe Cambiaghi SpA (chemical industry)

Michele Tedone is a graduate of Università Bocconi (Milano), and a member of the University’s Alumni Association Board.

Riccardo TagliabueRiccardo Tagliabue

Head of Real Estate Development



Riccardo Tagliabue is the Head of Italian Real Estate Development projects and supervise the technical process and the real estate development process in The Netherland and Germany.
In the field of real estate development process his task is:

  • Analyse and define the strategy of each real estate investment;
  • Fill out the business plan of the overall real estate process;
  • Arrange and supervise all the procedure and activities of new development;
  • Organise both the team of consultant and contractor involved in the development process, defining and negotiating the contract with them;
  • To be in connection with all public entities involved in the real estate process, in order to achieve all permit to be needed;

His previous experience includes the below listed position:

  • Civil Engineer partner of Architectural and Engineering companies of Milan Region;
  • Project Manager at Filca Immobiliare
  • Construction Manager at Brioschi Immobiliare
  • Technical Commissioner at one of Municipality of Milan Region

Riccardo Tagliabue graduated Engineer at Milan Politecnico and held an Executive Master at SDA School of Bocconi University.

Marco MontiMarco Monti

Treasury Manager



Marco Monti is responsible for the preparation of the Italian entities budget, and the management of fund flows including related contacts with banks.

Prior to joining the Palladium Group, Marco Monti was Assistant Treasurer with a subsidiary of the B. Ticino Group.

Corrado RoveroniCorrado Roveroni

Sales & Marketing Manager




Corrado Roveroni is Responsable of Commercial Real Estate and Marketing of Omnium Servizi Immobiliari at Palladium Italy. He coordinates the sales activities of the Group both in terms of new buildings and future construction and those owned by his direct involvement for the most important negotiations. He coordinates the real estate brokers or sellers for specialized product areas (residential and tertiary). As part of the Real Estate Development he manages the business knowledge in a particular market, is working to define the quality of the real estate product, defines the strategies for marketing and advertising related and he organize sales activities.
In previous professional experience, he was:

  • Responsible of Sales at Snam S.p.a. (Eni Group) in the Real Estate Division.
  • Real Estate Marketing Manager in Metanopoli S.p.a. (Eni Group)for selling of real estate assets.
  • Real Estate Sales Marketing Manager at Archon Group Italia (Goldman Sachs Group) to divestitures of assets in Italy.
  • Real Estate Sales Manager at Babcock & Brown Italia for the marketing of real estate products in Italy.

He is member of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan at Role of Real Estate Experts in Appraisal and Evaluations at number 2313 and of Italian Appraisal Role at number 00231

Lorenzo CornaliLorenzo Cornali

Technical Director



Lorenzo Cornali is responsible for the planning and supervision of maintenance and renovation projects for the Group buildings in Italy.
His previous experience was gained as a maintenance and technical supervisor with the companies SIDIS Srl and A.S.E.M.Srl, which operate respectively in the real estate and road equipment sectors.

Antonino CarusoAntonino Caruso

HR Manager



Antonio Caruso supervises payroll preparation, social benefits and related taxes for the Italian entities of the Palladium Group, including their reporting to appropriate third parties. He is also responsible for the interface with the Group’s labor counsel.
Prior to joining the Palladium Group, Antonio Caruso held similar positions with various firms, including the “ Oxford Institute di Italiani” Group.