The real estate project, so called “San Massimo – Eco Borgo”, will be developed on a large green area located on west of Verona: as the area is both so close to the center of city, about 5 km, and very good connected to Verona’s road system, the European General Layout so called “Piano d’Area Quadrante Europa” specify that this new development is one of the projects could help Verona’s Land to became the important interchange between European infrastructure systems Corridor decided by the European Union

The project would like to locate in the area a different function, so called “planned community”, in which will be located a new residential district, including both common service and common function concerning to the new citizens, a new shopping center, business district area wellness and fitness for a total amount of 240.579 cubic meter, which will be located in three different portion of the land.

In the new project will be located both new private streets ( in order to enter in the private area) and new public streets (in order to enter in the road system), and also will be located cycling lane pedestrian walkway, in order to guarantee a “eco-friendly traffic system” into the whole area.
A cycling and pedestrian lane will good connect the new buildings to the so close public bus station, which will connect the new project to Verona’s center.

A very important pubblic gardens, together with the private garder, will make up the green system, which will be located in the center of the new project.

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