Saem-Smc, the century-old construction company of the Palladium Group in Italy, is active on a wide variety of residential, office and logistics projects. Its expertise covers the full spectrum of client needs, from new build to the restructuration, renovation and maintenance of existing buildings.
Constant attention is given to the achievement of demanding quality standards made possible by the extended know-how of the company in the technical, economic and environmental areas. This dedication to quality is increasingly recognized as a hallmark of Saem-Smc and its projects.
Saem-Smc works on public and private projects in a variety of capacities, ranging from general contractor to provider of specific services in technical or administrative areas, including project design, building permits, supplier coordination and relations with local authorities.

The activity of Saem-Smc includes in particular:

  • New Construction General Contracting
  • Renovation General Contracting
  • Building Trades Coordination

The strategy of the company is based on the following guidelines:

  • Awareness and mastery of newer construction techniques
  • Responsible management of the projects
  • Client-centered business approach
  • Constant improvement of the company resources

Saem-Smc is active in Northern Italy, with its legal and administrative head office in Milan and operating offices in Milan and Vicenza.
Saem-Smc holds the ISO 9001-2008 quality certification, and the Italian quality assurance certificate “Attestatione di Qualificazione alla Esecuzione di Lavori Pubblici di SOA CQOP Costruttori Qualificati Opere Pubbliche”.

Headquarter: Via Crocefisso, 6 – 20122 Milano
tel. 02 896201 – fax 02 8692264 – P.IVA 07468170159
Capitale Sociale € 103.000 – Attestazione SOA CQOP