Region: Veneto
Rio dei Vetrai, Island of Murano- Venice
Asset class: Hotel
Land Surfaces: 7.800 sqm
Hotel Surfaces: 13.700 sqm

Palladium is the co-owner and sponsor of a project to redevelop an old glass manufacture into a prime hotel on the breathtaking island of Murano, a small island 15 minutes from San Marco and famous for its glass artists. This will be the first step to the projected underwater subway between the airport and Venice.
Rio dei Vetrai is the main shopping street where tourists and interior designers can buy glass products, from accessories to the famous crystal candelabras.
The site of the hotel in Murano is a former glass factory, with both industrial and historical buildings: industrial building will be demolished and rebuilt, while the historical building will be restored after having been secured.
The hotel project is an impressive ensemble of modern and protected buildings with a large private interior court and Outstanding quality, of which famous “Casino Mocenigo” with frescos from the 16th Century by pupils of Paolo Veronese as part of the Hotel.
The hotel development is currently based on architectural layout, approved by Local Heritage Department and Municipality (Building Permit achieve) in which 150 guestrooms are included, in addition to, a spa, a restaurant, a pool, conference facilities and green areas.

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